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Crafted by industry-leading game developers in collaboration with Zilliqa, the trailblazers in blockchain technology and the OGs of Layer 1, Web3War® (‘W3W”) masterfully fuses time-honoured gaming principles with innovative Skill-to-Earn (‘S2E’) mechanics.


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Web3War® (W3W) is the free-to-play, seasonal content-oriented first-person shooter crafted by the industry-leading game developer Roll1ng Thund3rz and incubated by Zilliqa, the trailblazer in blockchain technology and the OG of Layer 1. 

W3W masterfully fuses time-honored gaming principles with innovative Skill-to-Earn (‘S2E’) mechanics and prioritizes fun and high-quality gameplay above all else. Already earning rave reviews from players, W3W has been endorsed by several elite esports teams and established partnerships with Google and Microsoft.

W3W is the marquee game in a pioneering gaming ecosystem and is hosted on the flagship FUS1ON® gaming hub. Designed for mainstream as well as Web3 natives, the game’s simple and fast onboarding process, wallet creation and game/marketplace access offer a familiar experience for all users. On the FUS1ON® gaming hub, players can also buy Web3War® skins and swap $FPS tokens. The hub bears resemblance to Valve’s renowned platform Steam, whilst being complimented by a suite of tools reminiscent of Steamworks.

65k+ player accounts have been registered to date, all with unique wallets. W3W demonstrated a great product-market fit and that players are returning to play the game.

Outline for Participating in Web3War's IDO on Gamestarter:

1. VIP round: 

• Open to $GAME stakers only. 

• The round works on a FCFS basis - First-come, First-served. 

• Minimum amount of $GAME to be staked is 10.000. 

• Max ticket size is $4.000. 

• Covered by Gamestarter Protection Protocol. 

2. Private round: 

• Open to $GAME stakers only 

• The round works on a FCFS basis - First-come, First-served. 

• Minimum amount of $GAME to be staked is 2.000. 

• Max ticket size is $800. 

• Covered by Gamestarter Protection Protocol. 

3. Public round: 

• Open for everybody (stakers + non-stakers). 

• This round is optional. 

• The round works on a FCFS basis - First-come, First-served. 

• All remaining tokens from the Private round will be up for sale. 

• Non-$GAME stakers will receive 90% of tokens bought with a 10% fee deducted in the project token bought and are not covered by Gamestarter Protection Protocol. 

*$GAME stakers with a minimum of 2,000 tokens will receive 100% of the amount bought and are covered by Gamestarter's Protection Protocol. However, unstaking $GAME during vesting incurs a 10% fee on current and future vestings, as monitored by the contract (applies to all rounds).


Game Philosophy

The project’s fun-first-gameplay-crypto-second philosophy is combined with an innovative Skill2Earn model that seeks to solve the short-termism and speculation inherent in early Play2Earn games. The team has created a sustainable incentive economy that allows players to purchase Web3War® tokens ($FPS) that, amongst other utilities, can be invested as entry fees into games with the potential to yield substantial rewards through victory on the battlefield.

For the game’s first season, the team has unveiled exclusive in-game assets, such as skin NFTs, accessible via the marketplace on the FUS1ON® gaming hub or by owning a Season Pass. To obtain this pass, players stake a designated amount of $FPS tokens, progressing through levels in a manner akin to traditional Web2 gaming systems. Given the inclusion of crypto rewards, the significance of the advanced N3utr0n® anti-cheat/anti-hacking system cannot be overstated, safeguarding fair play and the legitimacy of rewards. 

W3W brings to the table a rich gaming experience, featuring a wide array of FPS mechanics. With a total of 44 different weapons and specific attachments for each, players can unlock and customize their arsenal by simply playing the game. The more adept players naturally advance at a faster pace, gaining access to an even wider spectrum of weapons and customizations.

Reward System

The game boasts a sophisticated reward system, offering ribbons, medals, and achievements, enriched by daily, weekly, and seasonal missions. Gameplay is further amplified with experience multipliers (x2 and x3), while comprehensive statistics provide insights into player prowess, and leaderboards spotlight the elite. 

Maps and Adventures

There are currently 15 different maps available in Web3War®, with even more coming to the game in the future. Each of these maps offers a unique tactical challenge, encouraging you to learn the best choke points, sniping spots, and more. Web3War®’s high-quality graphics extend to the visual design of its maps. Take a walk through the new Blizzard winter map to experience the impressive visual design of Web3War®.

There are also special maps like festive editions like Halloween and Christmas and three maps dedicated to the upcoming Season-1 launch. These cater to both regular free-to-play sessions and competitive-ranked matches.

Merging high-definition textures with HDR-enabled graphics, W3W stands shoulder-to-shoulder with AAA titles in visual brilliance and depth. This gaming ecosystem not only reshapes the industry's landscape yet also prioritizes player enjoyment, all whilst maintaining optimal performance and high frame rates.

Match Your Playstyle: Customization and Progression

Web3War® allows you to equip and customize a range of weapons, from precise, long-range sniper rifles to deadly short-range shotguns.

Weapons can be fitted with your choice of attachments, and these can be unlocked through the deep and rewarding progression system. In Web3War®, you can earn experience from daily or weekly missions, racking up kills and objectives, winning matches, and completing achievements.

Weapons can also be customized with cosmetic skins, which are tokenized as NFTs and truly owned by you, the player. The more you play and win, the more weapons, attachments, and other items you will add to your arsenal.

Zilliqa’s blockchain is enabled to ensure true ownership and participation in the W3W’s direction - providing the opportunity for players to own and control their assets, whilst contributing to game features and content. 

Cross-Game Skins 

One of the most exciting use cases for NFTs is the creation of cosmetic items that can be used across multiple games. Roll1ng Thund3rz has committed to implementing this functionality, meaning that cosmetic skin NFTs purchased or earned through gameplay in Web3War® will also be usable in future titles.

This adds exciting utility to digital assets that have historically been locked to single games, creating more value for players across a new and flourishing Web3-powered ecosystem of online gaming.


W3W and the gaming hub debuted earlier in 2023 and their revolutionary releases promise to usher in a new era for the gaming world.

A key highlight in W3W is the NFT-skins collection, which has been well-received by the hybrid market we are catering to. Their integration and the $FPS token have seamlessly woven together into the fabric of the gaming experience.

In terms of gameplay, W3W takes cues from game classics like Counter Strike and Call of Duty, delivering fast-paced matches that elevate the gaming experience from arcade-style to a more ‘hardcore’ gaming level. The user interface follows a proven AAA-level format for an FPS game. Whilst player numbers continue to increase to c55k, there has not been a single instance of hacking or cheating in the past year. 

The team’s commitment to each gamer’s experience plus exceptional game performance ensures that W3W is accessible to a wide range of players and devices, with frames per second (FPS) consistently high. The game boasts large, expansive content levels that are meticulously designed, offering players a vast and immersive gaming world to explore. From sprawling urban landscapes to intricate underground facilities, each level is rich in detail and texture.

This high-quality gameplay, combined with considerable volume of content, plus fully customisable features, such as skins and weapon builders, offers players a heavily personalised gaming experience. Classic modes such as ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Domination’ place promote team-based strategic gameplay, whilst other fast-pace, intense formats such as ‘Team Death-Match’ and ‘Solo Death-Match’ test individual skill and reflexes - all providing a thrilling battle of wits and marksmanship. Other modes include ‘Gun Game’, ‘Kill-Confirmed’ and ‘Training Course’ offer dynamic and adaptable game challenges for players to improve their skills and S2E potential.

With these diverse game modes, W3W ensures that players can find the experience that resonates most with them, whether they are seeking teamwork, intense competition, or personal growth. The combination of cutting-edge graphics, high-performance optimisation, and an array of engaging modes cements W3W’s status as a revolutionary and highly entertaining gaming experience.



Token metrics

Public Price: $ 0.0533

Public Date: January 2024

Public Raise: $2,000,000

TGE Initial Market Cap: $900,000

TGE Fully Diluted Market Cap AKA Valuation: $8,000,000


20% in the TGE, and 20% every three months.


Zilliqa: Zilliqa provides world-class web3 and blockchain infrastructure for developers, enterprises and governments, delivering secure and sustainable solutions that drive the creation of immersive products and experiences.

Google: Web3War® was showcased at Web3 Gaming Week, hosted by Google Cloud and Jump Crypto, introducing the future of blockchain gaming to a host of new players and potential investors. The growth potential of Web3War® also benefits from Zilliqa Group’s strategic alliance with Google Cloud, which sees Google Cloud serve as an infrastructure provider for the group. W3W is listed and validated as part of the Google Business Directory.

Microsoft: W3W partnered with Microsoft with respect to application development and publishing in the Microsoft Store (a first in web3 gaming). Since day one, W3W has been an enterprise partner with Microsoft Azure PlayFab (a gaming development and user data platform management of Microsoft Azure)

DigiCERT: W3W is a verified and certified partner of DigiCERT, all our applications and games are signed with a licensed certificate from DigiCERT in order to validate our products as being malware/virus/hack free and at industry standard.

Styngr: Roll1ng Thund3rz has also entered a partnership with radio streaming platform Styngr, enhancing the experience of players and streamers for Web3War® and future titles. Styngr offers licensed music streaming and is integrated directly into the FUS1ON Gaming Hub, allowing players to listen to music while playing Web3War®. a gaming news aggregator focusing not only on Web3 and Web2 games. Thanks to a groundbreaking partnership forged between Roll1ng Thund3rz and Nohto, a major gaming news aggregation platform. Nohto now includes Web3War® content on its feeds and serves as a channel through which new players can learn about and play the Web3 multiplayer FPS.

Gamescom: In 2022 and 2023, Web3War participated actively with a booth and presented the platform and the game.


The project is led by Matt Dayer (CEO) and Valentin Cobelea (CTO). Valentin is an accomplished entrepreneur and software developer, having created and led his own gaming studio towards a successful exit in 2021. His 20+ years of experience spans various IT industry segments including gaming, e-commerce, telecom, automotive, and IoT and spans companies such as Siemens and Intel. 

Valentin is supported by 6 game engineers and 1 3D artist/designer. The team has a combined 80+ years of AAA/AA experience from companies such as Ubisoft, Tencent, Activision. EM Studios and Gameloft and 100+ years in software engineering. 

The gaming team is supported by the core Zilliqa team (38 in total across engineering and commercial) and this blockchain expertise complements the in-house gaming team.

At the helm of their team is also Matt Dyer, the CEO of Zilliqa Group who is also the CEO of Roll1ng Thund3rz. He has more than 20 years of enterprise experience in managing the company’s operations and driving the global commercialization of the overall business.

Token & Currency

For sale in currency
1876173 FPS
For sale in USDT
100000 USDT
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Ticket Size
800 USDT
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