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GameID: seamless Web3 gaming layer

GameID is a unified account system that functions as a Single-Sign-On (SSO) with a Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy integration into Web3 games.

Access to 1M player base*

  • Access to massive community and KOLs network
  • Marketing Grant / 5M Fund
*Through Gamestarter and partner networks

Player benefits

  • One login for all games: eliminate juggling multiple logins and wallets
  • Track your progress: see all your achievements and stats in one dashboard
  • Easy rewards: claim and manage in-game rewards (tokens, NFTs, cosmetics, etc.) with ease
  • NFT marketplace: buy, sell and trade in-game directly through GameID to monetize your achievements

Developer benefits

  • Easy integration: seamless SDK access, user statistics, streamlined player onboarding
  • Drive player engagement: tap into store features through multiple rewards options, whitelists, achievements PFPs and more
  • Wallet management: in-built wallets removes technical barriers for devs and players
  • Save time: by handling accounts and in-game economies, a GameID frees developers to focus on creating great gameplay

GameID Coverage

All on-chain operations through simple to integrate API
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