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Published onMay 8, 2024
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Are you feeling lost in the gaming universe, cycling through the same titles, searching for something new? Disenchanted with the traditional pathways gaming has taken, or finding that even the titans like Fortnite don’t spark joy anymore? 

We understand the quest for something fresh and exhilarating. That’s why we’re excited to introduce OverTrip — the game you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without.

What is OverTrip?

OverTrip is a vibrant and innovative web3 battle royale game that merges high-stake gaming with the exciting world of NFTs. Developed by GGXYZ and backed by notable names like Shima Capital, this third-person shooter is designed for both Windows and Mac. 

It features a unique blend of entertainment, skill-based betting with $TRIP tokens, and NFT integration. The in-game mechanics also allow players to showcase their style with various skins like Cool Cats,Azukis or more.

In this 24-player arena, you can bet on your skills, take down opponents, and earn tokens with each kill. All while navigating a surreal and skill-intensive battlefield reminiscent of a psychedelic Fortnite and Valorant fusion.


OverTrip will launch with three variations of the Battle Royale mode, planning to introduce more game modes post-launch. Initially, players gather in a waiting room before being transported to the map for combat.

Free Mode: 

  • A 24-player, no-stake battle serving as an introduction to the game’s mechanics.
  • Matches last up to 18 minutes or until one player remains. 
  • Allows unlimited play for players to get comfortable with the game.

Pro Mode: 

  • The core game mode features a similar setup to Free Mode but requires betting $TRIP tokens to participate.
  • It’s an 18-minute, 24-player battle with skill-based and bet-based matchmaking. 
  • Bets can be $0.1, $0.5, or $0.99, with higher bets leading to greater rewards.

VIP Mode: 

  • This mode offers the flexibility to create private lobbies for playing with friends, organizing community games, or increasing the stakes. 
  • While the player limit will be 50, the host decides the bet size, which can range from 0 to $1000 in $TRIP tokens.

OverTrip is designed as a skill-based game where all players begin with identical weaponry and ammo. This includes Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Baseball Bats, alongside Flashbang Grenades, Smoke Bombs, and regular Grenades. While ammo is unlimited, weapons require reloading upon magazine depletion. 

The game incorporates a parkour system for advanced traversal, allowing players to vault, scale buildings, and change directions swiftly. Initially, OverTrip will offer a single main map for all game modes and a waiting lobby, with plans to expand the map selection post-launch to introduce varied playstyles and mechanics.

In-Game Economy

Throw out all the complicated flow charts, these tokenomics are so simple your grandma can grok them:

  • Upon joining a game with a $0.5 bet per player and 24 players, the total pot amounts to $12.
  • The distribution of the pot is as follows: 42.5% ($5.1) is allocated for the top 3 players, another 42.5% ($5.1) for kills, and the remaining 15% ($1.8) as a studio fee.
  • The $5.1 reserved for the top 3 players is further divided as: 50% ($2.55) for 1st place, 30% ($1.53) for 2nd place, and 20% ($1.02) for 3rd place.
  • Each kill a player makes awards them a share of the $5.1 reserved for kills, equating to about $0.2125 per kill (with a lobby of 24 players).
  • If a player finishes 1st with 5 kills, they would earn $3.61: $2.55 from their placement and $1.0625 from kills.
  • The 15% studio fee is split into: 7.5% burned forever (90 cents), 5.5% to the treasury (66 cents) for development, and 2% (24 cents) for marketing and influencers.
  • This system incentivizes aggressive play over camping, aiming to make the game more engaging and rewarding for proactive players.

OverTrip Genesis Pass

OverTrip takes gaming to the next level with the OverTrip Genesis Pass, a limited set of 888 NFTs that unlock special features and benefits for players.This unique NFT collection is more than a symbol of ownership. It opens the doors to a wealth of exclusive utilities and advantages for players.

The OverTrip Genesis Pass distinguishes itself as a highly coveted item within the OverTrip world. Each NFT in this exclusive series acts as a gateway to an array of features and perks, enriching the gaming experience and offering real-world rewards for active participation. The launch of this Genesis NFT pass earlier in the month was followed by the unveiling of the Trippy Terminal and a robust farming initiative.

A Sustainable Model

We understand that the same old tokenomics across the GameFI industry might be getting tiresome for you. Overtrip has simplified things by creating a token model that not only sustains itself but also increases in value over time.

This token is capped at a certain supply, eliminating concerns about inflation. Market emissions could potentially lower the token’s value if they’re too high, as it might lead to increased selling. To counter this, emission rates will be kept below the rate at which tokens are burned. In practice, this means 7.5% of the tokens used in each game will be destroyed.

The token’s value growth is directly linked to how much it’s in demand. Therefore, the more players engage and wager, the more sought-after the token becomes.

Moreover, all wagers are made using $TRIP tokens, but they’re tied to specific dollar amounts ($0.10, $0.50, $0.99), so your bet stays consistent in dollar terms, regardless of the token’s price. This setup means if the token’s value increases while you’re placing bets, you could win more. As the community grows and more bets are placed, the token’s price is expected to rise.

To maintain this sustainable model, emissions will typically be lower than the rate of burning. If there’s no betting activity, emissions might stop altogether to prevent unnecessary dilution.

$TRIP Airdrop Campaign is Ongoing: For Holders + Non-Holders

Over 25,000,000 $TRIP tokens are reserved for the Airdrop Farming campaign with 100% unlock at TGE.

The $TRIP Farming Campaign allows players, creators, and OverTrip enthusiasts to earn $TRIP tokens through various engaging activities. From social media interactions to in-game achievements, the campaign is structured to reward every form of participation.

How Are Points Awarded?

Points in the $TRIP Farming Campaign are awarded for a wide range of activities, each designed to enhance your engagement with the OverTrip universe. These activities include:

◉ Referrals: Referring friends and growing your gang.

◉ Social media tasks: Posting and Engaging with content mentioning $TRIP and @PlayOverTrip.

◉ In-game achievements: Completing specific missions, winning battles, or reaching new levels (when the game is live soon).

The more points you accumulate, the higher your chances of earning substantial $TRIP token rewards.

The Power of Holding an OverTrip Founders’ Pass

Holders receive a 75,000,000 $TRIP allocation for 888 Founder’s Pass NFTs with 20% at TGE, 2-Month Cliff & 12-Month Linear Vesting.

There are over 300K+ people in the Trippy Terminal.

But there’s just 888 Founder’s Pass with about 84k $TRIP allocation for each. And 20% of 84k = 16k $TRIP approx unlock at TGE. Do you see what we see?

Moreover, they enjoy:

◉ Multiplied earnings: multipliers on their points, significantly boosting their $TRIP token rewards.

◉ Airdrop eligibility: Preferential eligibility for $TRIP token airdrops and pre-sales, ensuring holders are always a step ahead.

$TRIP isn’t just a currency; it’s a passport to the OverTrip universe, with diverse utilities that enhance gameplay and community engagement. From gameplay enhancements and staking rewards to community and referral bonuses, $TRIP is designed to reward every participant in the ecosystem. Our groundbreaking tokenomics model ensures that a significant portion of the supply is allocated for the community.

To Wrap It Up

Revolutionizing the gaming landscape, this innovative web3 battle royale game melds exciting gameplay with NFTs and a unique, sustainable economic model. It offers players real-world value and rewards through skill-based mechanics and exclusive benefits via the Genesis Pass. Setting a new benchmark, it redefines engagement and growth in the gaming and blockchain integration.

Dive into a future where gaming meets real-world value. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking journey. Join us now and experience the evolution of play, community, and rewards.

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