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Published onMay 8, 2024
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It is with great pleasure that we announce an exciting milestone for Gamestarter and web3 gaming. We’re joining forces with Avalanche to introduce GameChain, a gaming-focused Layer 1. Powered by one of the leading blockchains for games, GameChain is designed to provide a secure, transparent, and efficient environment for gaming transactions and set to become the backbone for Gamestarter’s ecosystem.

This development marks a significant advancement in our commitment to cultivating an ecosystem where developers, players, and investors can unite and thrive. With over 50 projects already launched on the first-ever gaming-focused launchpad, Gamestarter is solidifying its role as a pioneer in Web3 gaming, supported by a network of esteemed VCs and industry partners.

As we move into our next phase of expansion, ensuring our community enjoys the full range of benefits within the Gamestarter ecosystem remains our top priority. Here’s what you need to know to get started:


GameChain serves as the robust technological foundation of the Gamestarter™ ecosystem, simplifying the launch and operation of innovative blockchain-based games.

Built for easy tech – so devs can focus on the game

Imagine seamlessly integrating blockchain features into your Web3 game without the complexities of blockchain development. GameChain not only simplifies blockchain integration through its intuitive Software Development Kit (SDK) but also includes built-in cross-bridge functionality, allowing for seamless asset transfers across different blockchains.

Community-centric approach

‘GameChain’ node holders will enjoy unmatched rewards with a distribution of 25% of the total $GAME supply and up to 10% of tokens from upcoming IDO launches on GamePad. Additionally, they will benefit from receiving 35% of all transaction fees generated on-chain, enhancing the value and longevity of holding nodes significantly.

Focus on the content 

Gamestarter’s mission remains to bring high quality gaming experiences to the Web3 industry, with a strong commitment to consistently offering a robust stream of content. 

Over 50 games are already in the pipeline to launch on the new platform, alongside with the three games being developed in Gamestarter’s in-house development powerhouse GGXYZ: battle royale ‘OverTrip’, MMORPG ‘Dark Frontiers’ and casual mobile game ‘Pixel Pix’. 

Additionally, Gamestarter is expanding its infrastructure with the launch of new products including GameHub, GameID, GameSocial, and GameScan. 

Joining forces with Ava Labs & Ava Cloud

We recognize the magnitude of this challenge and are thrilled to collaborate with the renowned Avalanche network. With robust support from their developers, business development team, and marketing department, GameChain is poised to reach a broad audience. The backing of an established ecosystem, strong guidance, and additional support bolster our confidence, preparing us to hit the ground running.


Gamestarter launchpad is rebranding to GamePad, the premier IDO and INO destination for gaming projects. Founded in early 2021, we have launched over 50 projects, with an 24x average ATH. Launching several top-tier IGOs over the past few months, GamePad is all about delivering quality and VC level access to our community.  Our top-performing IGOs drew in a frenzy of over 1000 wallets each, selling out in a flash and netting an incredible $450k. Up next on GamePad: packed pipeline of launches and our commitment on even deeper project acceleration.


GameID shakes up the P2E scene with its complete account management system, serving both gamers and developers. Universal login, simplified wallet operations and tracking in-game assets – it’s all going to be very easy with GameID walking the talk! This lays the foundation for a P2E gaming world that’s more connected and accessible, ensuring future growth and sustainability in the sector.


GameSocial is where community engagement becomes an exciting adventure. Dive into interactive quests, smash in-game leaderboards, collaborate, share insights, and join forces with the wider Web3 gaming community!

The quest-based approach keeps players hooked, boosting retention rates. 

Fosters strong player loyalty and sparks enthusiastic advocacy. 

Naturally draws in newcomers and helps to expand the community.


GameHub is a sleek game launcher where you can find selected web3 games in one place! It simplifies the game world’s chaos by being your one-stop hub for:   

Seamless game access. 

Safe wallet connections. 

Smooth asset transactions.


GameStore‘s standout feature? An integrated NFT Marketplace, tailor-made to elevate your gaming adventures. Not only does it level up gameplay, but it also lets you cash in on your in-game victories! GameStore includes a multiple array of benefits such as promoting in-game sustainability, enabling secure transactions and delivering immersive gaming experiences, and many more!


GameScan is here to say goodbye to cheaters and hello to fair play! With advanced machine learning, GameScan detects and shuts down cheating attempts before they ruin the fun. Always one step ahead, GameScan is continuously refining its detection techniques with real-world data.The adaptable AI tech makes integration a cinch for developers, which means – no extensive modifications needed!

The best is yet to come

While we’ve outlined the majority of our plans in the update above, there’s still much more to reveal about Gamestarter v3. In the coming months, expect to see more detailed information about the functionality and expansion of GameChain. We encourage anyone with a passion for building on GameChain to get involved and start creating.

About Avalanche: 

Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem. Developers who build on Avalanche can easily create powerful, reliable, and secure applications and custom blockchain networks with complex rulesets or build on existing private or public subnets.

About Gamestarter: 

Gamestarter™ has launched the first ever gaming-focused launchpad and since has established itself as a leader in Web3 gaming by consistently delivering high ROI through its IDOs and supporting over 50 projects, with over $23 million raised since its inception. This success is backed by an extensive network of partners and investors, including reputable VCs like Shima Capital, tech allies like Avalanche, and industry leaders.

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